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Atlanta’s Pullman Yard sale gets green light from state

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And the award for “Chance to redevelop a historic Atlanta railyard” goes to...

Five teams of bidders are vying for 27 dormant acres in Kirkwood punctuated by historic structures like this main building.
A preliminary glimpse of the winning proposal.
Atomic Entertainment

Lights, camera, action!

The sale of Kirkwood’s historic Pullman Yard complex is a go, following a vote from the Georgia Building Authority on Wednesday to approve an $8-million offer by Atomic Entertainment LLC, a group planning to turn the site into a movie studio-anchored mixed-use development.

Plans for the redevelopment of the site were unveiled last week and include a 20,000-square-foot sound stage, live performance spaces, recording studios, office space for digital startups, restaurants, retail space, and residences.

The residences could include short-term rentals for resident artists (and movie industry workers) as well as long-term rentals and even properties for purchase.

Historic structures on the site will be preserved and a large section of the land will be maintained as a nature sanctuary with biking and walking trails, leaders told Curbed Atlanta. There are also plans for an urban farm.

Decaturish reports that the decision Wednesday to sell the property to the group—who happened to offer the same amount as competitor Pullman Preserve—surprised other bidders who “intended to submit higher offers in what they assumed would be a second round of bidding.”

In the initial offering of the property, the state indicated a decision wouldn’t be made until June. Had the bidders been allowed to submit a second round of offers, chances are many would have upped their bids.

Now, it seems Atomic Entertainment—formerly a dark horse—won out by betting big. Hopefully, that means a bright future for the complex.