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Post Midtown project rushes to be next new Atlanta rental high-rise

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The first units in 23-story tower should be delivered by June

A tower, with EIFS being applied.
Work progressing on the exterior of the building.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

New apartment towers in Midtown are nearly as prevalent as interstate disasters in Atlanta these days.

The next tower slated for delivery is Post Midtown, located behind the Federal Reserve building on Peachtree Walk, practically above the Midtown MARTA Station.

Construction on the tower got underway in 2015, but as the project’s previous name—Post Millennium—suggests, it’s been in the works for nearly 20 years.

Plans call for a 356-unit building atop seven stories of parking. While details are still scant, it’s safe to assume high-rise living here will entail plenty of high-end amenities to compete with the bevy of flashy new buildings within earshot.

According to the Post Midtown website, the first units are supposed to become available by June. We’ve requested floorplans and pricing, but have yet to hear back about specifics.

When completed, the tower will join an already crowded field in the neighborhood. Alta Midtown, Hanover West Peachtree, and Alexan 880 are all within just a few blocks of Post Millennium, along with several other new towers.