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Sleek Buckhead modern wants to show off the ‘new’ in Atlanta for $2.5M

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In renderings, self-proclaimed “one-of-a-kind, designer beauty” boasts “sleek lines, modern finishes, and unique woods”

Rendering of modern Buckhead house.
A forthcoming modern compound on a hill.
Renee Kunkler Realty

Just around the corner from Hal’s on Old Ivy and minutes from the heart of Buckhead, this new modern compound will replace the brick house that’s stood on this lot since 1960, leaving nothing behind of its predecessor.

A creation of FLUX architecture + design, known for its progressive architecture and contemporary design, this house epitomizes everything modern-home zealots would expect to find: clean lines, streamlined and recessed lighting, lots of glass, and a variety of textures to keep it from being too sterile.

As renderings show, there’s even a swimming—err—contemporary pool in the refined back patio area, although given its small size, it almost could double as a water feature.

With 5,100 square feet, there’s more than enough room to accommodate its five bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, as well as two half-baths.

Plus, thanks to the site’s long history, the 1.6-acre lot is well-forested, providing plenty of privacy, a nice bonus for future homeowners.

And, for just $2.5 million, as the listing urges, you can “get in now to make selections in your dream home and experience the ‘new’ in Buckhead.”