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Reynoldstown’s latest modern farmhouse goes duplex for $495K

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An orange door and 1,876 square feet on Wylie Street

A modern-farmhouse style duplex in Reynoldstown Atlanta.
The modern farmhouse aesthetic goes zygote in R-town.
Avenue Realty

A few lots down from Moreland Avenue on Reynoldstown’s Wylie Street, this new duplex continues the neighborhood’s growing stock of homes with the modern farmhouse aesthetic—and it could be the only recent R-town listing to not mention the Beltline.

For sale here is the orange-doored left unit (the larger pad next door is under contract), which offers four bedrooms, two and 12 bathrooms, and interior stylings where sputnik lights meet barn doors and shiplap.

Counting the unfinished basement, this new-build by Walsh Design has three floors and a hardly sprawling footprint of 1,876 square feet. The price: $495,000.

Like the fence-divided backyard and the home structure itself, the detached garage is a partitioned space shared with the neighbors.

That would probably matter little to buyers coming from tight apartments or condos, though it could cramp the style of, say, downsizing empty-nesters.

Perks include pretty hardwoods throughout, the outdoor fans above both front porch and back patio, and a generally fun style overall. But without a proper living room, that basement would probably need drywall pronto.