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Photos: Touring Grant Park’s spooky Atlanta Stockade before redevelopment

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Property with roots in 1800s to be reborn as adaptive-reuse GlenCastle

A photo tour of the Atlanta Stockade property in Grant Park.
If walls could talk at Atlanta’s former prison.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

As is, the Atlanta Stockade complex looks like the sort of place where little girls possessed by demons might spring from closets and bite you.

But that’s all set to change in the not-too-distant future.

The 4-acre Grant Park property with roots in the 1800s—highlighted by a gothic, castle-like structure that once served as Atlanta’s prison—sold last month to a team led by Urban Realty Partners and RAF Capital.

Redevelopment plans for what’ll be known as GlenCastle call for an adaptive-reuse approach that pays homage to the site’s history, with three distinctive, loft-style buildings: The Forge, The Stockade, and The Stable. Developers are in the process of applying for historic tax credits, officials said last month.

Not long after the deal had closed, on a fittingly eerie March day, we toured the property for a pre-construction glimpse.

Hailey Realty

Next to Interstate 20 and Fuqua’s Kroger-anchored Glenwood Place, the GlenCastle grounds contain the former prison and a large building that formerly housed stables and a blacksmith shop. (More recent uses included apartments and offices).

Once finished, the smallest piece (The Forge) will offer 7,300 square feet that could be used as restaurant space, and ditto for The Stable (25,000 square feet), officials have said.

Meanwhile, the largest component—The Stockade, the taller, turreted structure from 1896—will bring 38,000 square feet of creative office use.

Have a look around:

The back entrance to The Stockade definitely looks castle-ish. One of three buildings, The Stockade is the main structure on the GlenCastle property.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta
The main reception area inside The Stockade building.
One of roughly 80 rooms inside The Stockade that will be demo’ed to reveal the building’s original architecture.
Original brick walls line the second-story hallways of The Stockade where most rooms will be torn out to reveal the original architecture.
The apartments inside the turrets of The Stockade have an additional room to help keep the form of the original building.
A view of The Stockade’s reception area from the second story.
The halls of The Stockade dead end into two rooms that help keep the shape of the turrets on each floor.
More rooms and hallways on the third floor of The Stockade building.
A view of The Stable building from the third floor of The Stockade.
Used as more of a community room, this too will be demo’ed to return The Stockade to its original configuration.
More creepy rooms inside The Stockade.
Back outside of The Stockade and heading around to the front of the building is a marker stone from 1904.
The front of The Stockade on the GlenCastle property.
The Stockade’s front, complete with Shining-like redrum doors.
The Stockade has a front courtyard that’s recently been cleared of overgrowth. Columns mark the top of steps leading to the building’s front door.
The Stable is the second of three buildings on the GlenCastle property.
Wooden beams and posts make up the majority of The Stable building.
A gated-off area looks like an old cell but was more likely storage space inside The Stable.
The Forge is the last of three buildings on the GlenCastle property. This one has potential to be a great new restaurant space, developers believe.