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Northside Hospital building in Midtown begins to rise

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With 170,000 square feet of medical offices, the new project will stand across from Apogee Midtown

Columns stick out from above a construction fence, with a yellow tower crane in the background.
Columns risings at the Northside Midtown site.
Michael Kahn, Curbed

Construction on a 12-story medical office building in the heart of Midtown is beginning to peek above fencing that encircles the site, signaling a rare, new ground-up office venture in the otherwise white-hot submarket.

Northside Hospital is bringing a 170,000-square-foot facility to West Peachtree Street, just south of 13th Street. Fittingly, Northside will be the main tenant, offering primary care offices, cardiology services, urgent care, and a Northside Hospital Imaging Center.

Filling out the space will be class-A offices geared toward medical professionals.

When first proposed way back in 2013, the building was to front Spring Street. Later, the development team acquired additional parcels fronting West Peachtree, and the building shifted eastward.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of 13th Street, construction is progressing skyward at Apogee Midtown. The nearly 40-story building will be the tallest to go up in the city since the recession.

While it continues to rise heavenward, closer to the ground, balcony railings and finishes have been installed on lower floors, and the towering blank wall fronting 14th and West Peachtree Streets is being prepped for a giant Hense mural.

Apogee Midtown’s distressingly blank (for now) facade over West Peachtree and 14th streets.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The two projects are just a sampling of development transforming West Peachtree Street at the moment.

Apogee Midtown is scheduled to open this fall, while the Northside facility should open in mid-2018.