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Atlanta’s Interstate 85 bridge repair to cost more than $16M

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The federal government will ultimately pay for nearly 90 percent of the reconstruction cost. Woohoo!

Construction viewed from an overhead camera.
Progress on the bridge construction as of 6 p.m. Tuesday.

As Atlanta closes in on four weeks without Interstate 85, a new (traffic-y) normal has become de rigueur for commuters.

Construction is progressing at a feverish pace to restore connectivity into the city for hundreds of thousands of locals and those passing through. And as work forges on, a cost for the reconstruction has finally emerged.

According to a report by the AJC, the rebuilding of nearly 700 feet of elevated interstate will end up costing $16.6 million.

The number includes demolition and rebuilding costs, as well as more than $3 million in bonuses to be paid to the contractor if the work is completed by mid-May.

A week after the collapse, June 15 was estimated as the date for completion of the project, but with crews working around the clock, work has been progressing very quickly. Nearly all the beams are in place and reconstruction of the road deck has begun.

Considering the progress, it seems difficult to image that the contractor won’t make the deadline to maximize the bonus.

Ultimately, the federal government will cover roughly 90 percent of the repair costs, easing the burden on Georgia for the bill. And for every day the bridge is done early, Atlantans are bound to recoup a lot of the money in the form of restored productivity.