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Adorable Reynoldstown cottage snatched in a flash at $465K

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Steps from newest slab of Beltline, 1,500-square-footer bags contract hours after listing

A blue-doored cottage on Kirkwood Avenue in Reynoldstown, Atlanta.
Quintessentially adorbs.
Keller Williams

For proof that cuteness sells in the ATL, look no further than this three-bedroom flip on Reynoldstown’s Kirkwood Avenue, a few blocks from where the elongated Eastside Trail will end, once it opens.

With 1,500 square feet of spruced-up adorableness, the cottage listed today at $465,000 and is already under contract, per multiple listing services.

Provided the sales price is the actual price, the math works out to just north of $300 per square foot.

Marketed as a “fully renovated Reynoldstown gem,” the circa-1930 property certainly has perky curb appeal. Around back, accessed via an alley, there’s a handy parking corral, too.

Inside, the hardwoods are pretty, the kitchen (with breakfast bar) is surprisingly roomy, and the bathroom renovations look strong, with just a touch of reclaimed-ness.

In its greener, pre-renovated state, the home last traded in May for $205,000.

A greener, more fenced-in version of the cottage prior to renovations in March last year.
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