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Summery Buckhead party compound maximizes modern cool at $2.5M

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A low-slung manse built for poolside good times

A sweet Buckhead property with a swinging pool area on sale for $2.5 million.
Inside the margarita-ready modern oasis.
Hirsh Real Estate -

Behind an unassuming facade, this clean-lined modern compound in Buckhead is custom-made for margarita-drenched summertime shindigs—or as the listing terms it, “the best parties in town.”

With nearly 6,000 whopping square feet, this five-bedroom social paradise is loaded with eccentric, fun-loving decor—a rotary phone, unexpected spiral staircase, and bathroom graffiti, say what!?—plus a three-tap kegerator and at least two bars to compliment the wine cellar.

The look is the result of “recent world-class renovations,” per the listing, by Bill Peace and Renegade Design Lab of Los Angeles.

Tucked between Interstate 75 and Chastain Park, this legit, doctor-owned “modern oasis” occupies a gated 2 acres. Listed this week for $2.5 million, it has soaring ceilings, massive windows, and bathrooms (six and 12 of them) galore, which all feels like an extension of the pool area, thanks to so much glass.

Other perks: a two-story pool house, three-car garage (with basically a guest parking lot), and the way the property overlooks a meadow that fronts Nancy Creek.

According to property records, it was built in 2005 and last sold about a year ago for $2.275 million. Which begs the question: Why leave the party so soon?

Interestingly, this place is available furnished—a rarity for Atlanta. Any guesses what that would add to the tab?