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Near Atlantic Station, Northside Drive site to get Fuqua suburban touch

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Big-box retail, sprawling parking lots would overtake site, which will eventually be along the Beltline, per a fresh rendering

A photo of the image that shows lots of parking lots and big box stores.
The newly revealed rendering.
via Reddit

A new rendering of Northside & 17th—a long-proposed development by infamous Atlanta developer Jeff Fuqua and company—has made its way to the Internet, prompting cries of, “Why is stuff like this allowed to be built in this city?”

The general consensus, on Reddit at least, is that the city has done little to update longstanding zoning for important parcels in the city, allowing developers to do just about whatever they want.

Features in the rendering include Fuqua signature elements like a massive parking deck and suburban-style big box stores. Last month it was revealed that the 12.5-acre site would host a mix of retail and office space, anchored by a Kroger.

Back when Fuqua first revealed his intentions to develop the site in 2014, plans called for multifamily housing. That development was originally anticipated to have opened in 2016.

Clearly, things don’t always go according to plan.

With any luck, the latest plans won’t move forward in their current, suburban-appropriate state either.

Midtown skyline beyond the site.
An aerial view of the site.
Major & Arroll