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On Atlanta’s Upper Westside, shopping node ‘Westside Village at Moores Mill’ has renderings

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Shops would rise in what developers call the most retail-starved (but swiftly growing) section of Atlanta

A new shopping center planned for Atlanta’s Westside on Moores Mill Road.
Coming soon to Atlanta’s Westsiyeeed?
All images: Eden Rock Real Estate Partners

Developers Eden Rock describe the industrial/post-industrial/suddenly residential “Upper Westside” area as the most retail-starved section of Atlanta.

So they’re cooking up a big steamy plate of shopping center.

Dubbed “Westside Village at Moores Mill,” the parking-friendly project is planned where Marietta Boulevard meets Moores Mill Road, about midway between Vinnings and Atlantic Station.

The Westside Village would also be adjacent to the Publix-anchored center that’s been in the works for years on Moores Mill—and what developers tabulate as 3,000 new residences built in the area in the past decade (with many more in the pipeline).

The venture is now pre-leasing, and per renderings, plans call for virtually every ingredient in the mixed-use enchilada—mostly retail but with offices and 18 townhomes, too.

The project is expected to debut in the spring of 2018, per an exceptionally slick marketing video.