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Cozy Lake Claire cottage sure wouldn’t mind $575K

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When 1,900 square feet and a functional backyard will do just fine

A cozy wee cottage in the land o’ Lake Claire Atlanta.
Yellow doors typically denote Sufjan Stevens fandom.
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

With its soothing blue exterior and perky yellow door, this Cape Cod-style cottage in Lake Claire could be the antidote for Atlanta homebuyers ailing from McMansion-itis.

Granted, with a half-nook shy of 1,900 square feet, this isn’t a large residence by local standards, but as configured, it appears to have maximized every updated inch.

Built in 1940, it’s perched up the street from Lake Claire Park, offering three bedrooms and entree into the Mary Lin Elementary School district for $575,000. That’s not a fire-sale price, for sure, but it could be a non-millionaire’s gateway into a thriving intown nabe.

Larger homes nearby cost a bit more but reside on rip-roaring DeKalb Avenue.

Inside, find a surprising array of built-in shelving, a roomy master bathroom with clawfoot tub, and an album-bedecked family room that connects to a cozy sunroom, which overlooks the back deck and yard.

Nothing fancy. Nothing showy. Just a solid house, from the look of things.