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Updated Brookhaven sprawler is deceptively from the 1980s

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$1.75-million, all-brick residence is surprisingly as old as Die Hard franchise

A remodeled home from the 1980s in Brookhaven, Atlanta. Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s been a strong month around Atlanta for listings from the 1980s—an era that’s typically hit-or-miss in this region—and this updated Brookhaven offering appears to be no exception, by and large.

Around these rambling 5,100 square feet, there’s virtually no perceptible hallmarks from the styles of 1988, when it was built. Consider: This home delivered the same year Die Hard, Coming to America, and Beetlejuice came out, so at some point, it’s probably undergone a thorough purge.

By and large, it looks significantly more 2017 now.

Privacy is a key feature here, as this four-bedroom is tucked off the road with a rainbow driveway and deep backyard, which can be ogled from the straight-up gorgeous deck area. Fittingly, the listing touts “amazing topography.”

Inside, the chef’s kitchen, minimalist railings, and recessed sound system echo the perks of top-flight new construction today, though an overabundance of old-time artwork and furnishings clashes with (and distracts from) that, as is.

The putting green is a unique touch, though at this price-point, a little manageable pool would probably be better there.