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Iconic Big Chicken clucks back to life in Cobb County

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The towering fowl underwent a three-month renovation and now boasts fresh look, screened porches

An artistic impression of the cleaned up chicken, complete with large roadside sign.
A rendering of the new building.
KBP Investments via AJC

Cobb County landmark the Big Chicken has returned to its roost in full googly eyed glory after a three-month hiatus.

The five-story fowl—and the adjacent KFC restaurant—underwent a substantial remodel and expansion as part of a cross-franchise upgrade and modernization.

According to the AJC, the $2.2 million renovation wrapped last week with an official grand-opening celebration, attended by the mayor of Marietta and “Colonel Sanders” himself.

Visitors to the formerly humdrum fast food restaurant will be impressed by the overhaul, which took the building down to its structure.

Now, the building is a fusion of modern style mixed with a bit of homey charm in the form of distressed-wood walls and a large screened porch.

Overall, the renovation added nearly 1,200 square feet of dining space and new patios for outdoor dining.

Out front, a large new sign along Cobb Parkway declares that this big chicken is, in fact, the Big Chicken, in case there was any doubt before.