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1920s Midtown Atlanta bungalow epitomizes cozy at $660K

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Up the street from Piedmont Park, property described as “city chic meets historic charm”

A cozy bungalow for sale in Midtown in Atlanta, near Piedmont Park.
That’s so old Atlanta.
Berkshire Hathaway

Intown Atlanta bungalows don’t get much more “Come on in, y’all” than this.

Here’s a front porch with classic haint-blue ceilings, breezy curtains, a swing, and sit-for-hours furnishings that all but offers visitors an Old Fashioned or sweet tea.

Girded by a picket fence, the porch and verdant front yard are just the beginning of a bungalow described (accurately) in the listing as “city chic meets historic charm” that epitomizes cozy.

Since the 1920s, the home has stood on Charles Allen Drive, a few blocks directly south of Piedmont Park, which bolsters its sterling 87 WalkScore today. It’s the sort of walkability that probably makes the parking situation (a smallish pad) less inconvenient.

Listed this week at $659,900 (after a contract apparently fell apart in April), the bungalow counts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a not-tiny 2,388 square feet, and a smidgeon of stained glass.

Around back, there’s a spacious screened porch overlooking a quant, woodsy, and mercifully shaded backyard sanctuary. Or as the listing terms it, a “tranquil oasis.” Either way, being blocks from Midtown sky-rises, it’s a surprise.

Inside, perks include 12-foot ceilings, original hardwoods, and three fireplaces that have been given fresh faces at some point in the last century. The cozy kitchen melds ancient cabinetry with newer product in a way that doesn’t seem forced.

Overall, it’s a quintessentially Atlanta middle-ground that lovers of both tiny homes and McMansions could probably agree on.