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In Midtown, Piedmont Avenue to undergo diet, gain bike lanes, under new plan

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Conceptual design work is wrapping up for planned transformation, but a construction timeline isn’t yet available

Midtown Alliance has a lot of big ideas for roads throughout the neighborhood, outlined within a comprehensive Transportation Plan crafted over the past few years.

But with so many projects on the docket—from two-way street conversions to building out the grid—it can be hard to keep track of the latest news. And the latest big idea is probably one to keep an eye on.

According to Midtown Alliance, plans are in the works for a road diet that would alter a 1.1-mile stretch of Piedmont Avenue, extending from Ponce de Leon Avenue to 15th Street. While still in planning stages, the reworked corridor would be designed to better accommodated walkers, bikers, and those with limited mobility.

Planned in partnership with the City of Atlanta’s Renew Atlanta Bond Program, the project would remove travel lanes, rework onstreet parking, and add a separated bike lane for northbound cyclists.

The efforts come as work progresses on Juniper Street, one block to the west of Piedmont Avenue. Together, the two roads will provide north- and south-bound access for bicyclists through Midtown.

Preliminary design work is finishing, but there’s no word yet on when comprehensive plans will be drawn up and construction could start.

A part of the plan, from Ponce de Leon Avenue to 7th Street.
Midtown Alliance
The same stretch of road now.
Midtown Alliance