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Atlanta’s Clermont Hotel renovation moving, albeit slowly; Lounge to reopen soon

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After countless delays, the transformation of the dilapidated building into a boutique hotel is on track

The transformation of the Clermont Hotel and Lounge on Ponce de Leon Avenue is slowly plodding ahead.

According to the AJC, the Clermont Lounge—which has been closed for months—could reopen as soon as June 1. The extended closure has been difficult for the famed dancers who work at the Lounge, located in the basement of the 1920s hotel building.

Plans have been percolating for years to transform the derelict property into a boutique hotel with roughly 100 rooms. And beyond the building’s legendary Clermont Lounge, a new restaurant and rooftop bar will cater to guests and locals alike, providing sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline.

However, as evidenced by a visit to the building last October, there was a ton of work to be done to make the building habitable again. Gaping holes in the floor, busted windows, and piles of debris were just some of the challenges encountered along the way.

Details are still scarce on what the interiors will look like, though a preliminary rendering has surfaced for a typical guest room.

A rendering showing a room.
via AJC

No word on a timeline for completion of the project.

Clermont Lounge

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