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Atlanta’s Interstate 85 construction to be complete by Memorial Day weekend

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Aound-the-clock work is paying off for motorists and should pay out for the contractor

Work pushing ahead, with the road deck being installed.
Progress on the bridge reconstruction as of May 1.

Atlanta commuters and southerners planning road trips for Memorial Day—rejoice!

The closed section of Interstate 85 in Buckhead will be usable much earlier than originally anticipated. Yesterday, GDOT announced the 12 lanes closed since March 30 will be opened by the start of the Memorial Day travel weekend on May 26.

Of course, contractor C.W. Matthews is still aiming for an opening day around May 15 in order to receive the bonus of $3.1 million being offered for early completion.

In just the past few days, two-thirds of the concrete road decks were poured. Once the final southbound sections are complete, all that will be left is preparation of the road surface, striping, sealing, and the addition of the concrete barriers at the edge of the road.

Meanwhile, GDOT is taking advantage of the unprecedented closure by resurfacing 6.6 miles of I-85, stretching from the Brookwood Split to Clairmont Road. The agency hopes to have all work completed to coincide with the reopening of the bridge.

It’s amazing what eight weeks and $16.6 million can do.