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In shadow of downtown Atlanta, new public pool and recreation facility rises

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Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation and Aquatic Center in Sweet Auburn on its way to adding major neighborhood amenity

The downtown skyline, seen beyond the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation and Aquatic Center construction site last year.
The facility, rising just east of downtown.
Winter Johnson FS360

Construction is well underway on a state-of-the-art aquatic and recreation center named for Martin Luther King, Jr. in Sweet Auburn.

Crews from Winter Construction recently topped out the structure.

Located just blocks from the historic center and MARTA Station that also bear King’s name, the two-story facility will serve as a hub for the community.

Officially called the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation and Aquatic Center, the building encompasses some 63,000 square feet and is costing the City of Atlanta $23.5 million.

Photos show how the building, located on land donated by the Atlanta Housing Authority, is taking shape next to Selena S. Bulter Park on Hilliard Street.

The center replaces a pool of the same name, which was located a few blocks away. Opened in 1978, that facility was closed in 2012 due to structural issues.

More than just a standard pool, the new facility includes a zero-entry “family fun pool” with play equipment features, lap swimming lanes, an elevated running/walk track overlooking the gymnasium and pool, a climbing wall, and an outdoor terrace.

Thanks to a Renew Atlanta Bond program, passed in 2015, the new facility will be able to serve residents of the city by the end of the year.

Winter Johnson FS360
Winter Johnson FS360