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Midtown Atlanta condo (now artfully furnished) is neighborhood’s second priciest at $1.7M

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As blank slate, three-bedroom at Seventh Midtown building initially sold in August

A photo of the living room of a $1.7M Atlanta condo at night.
The living room, by night.
Keller Williams/FMLS

In spotlighting this Midtown condo as a brand-new property a year ago, a wise prophet of powerful foresight once wrote: “They've clearly gone for the blank-slate motif here. It lends a starkness that a few giant, mixed-media abstracts and bombastic curtains should cure.”

Buyers clearly headed that sage advice. For the most part.

But life intervened, and the city-dwellers who scooped up this three-bedroom at Seventh Midtown (for $100 shy of $1.6M in August) have to relocate and are being forced to sell, their agent tells Curbed Atlanta.

That means we get a glimpse at the unit furnished—the “after” to last year’s stark “before.” (To be clear: The property doesn't come furnished, it just has furniture now.)

“The current owner's remarkable art collection, plus an explosion of velvet curtains, turned the blank slate into a showstopper,” said Leigh Hays of Keller Williams Realty.

This new incarnation of Unit 802 listed back in late March at $1,719,000 and hasn’t budged. That makes it Midtown’s second priciest property at the moment.

The art, snazzy light fixtures, and furnishings obviously add warmth that was sorely lacking before, but the condo still seems spacious with its 2,710 square feet.

Highlights include the double-sided fireplace (facing indoors and out), Pedini cabinetry, Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances, Waterworks fixtures, and proximity to the highfalutin Starbucks Reserve down below.

Something to consider: $1,500 HOA fees—and an initiation fee of more than $3,000.

One highlight that hasn’t changed: “Every room showcases [the] best views in town,” as the listing puts it—and as the listing photos emphasize.

The empty unit, as seen last summer.
Amenities at the adjoined Viewpoint Midtown tower.