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Serenbe’s modern shotgun homes take shape, promising ‘Live Well in 900 Square Feet’

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Six space-conscious offerings in Serenbe’s new Mado section are all priced at $359K

Here’s a photo of framing in Serenbe that gives an indication how homes will be sited.
The framing gives an indication how homes will be sited.
Images courtesy of Serenbe

The latest home offerings taking shape at Serenbe are both throwback and forward-thinking, offering the chance to “Live Well In 900 Square Feet” at what’s being marketed as an attainable price point.

Modeled after the classic Southern vernacular for space-conscious living—the shotgun home—a row of six “modern shotguns” is rising in Serenbe’s new mixed-use Mado section, where plans call for offices, restaurants, apartments, and a destination hotel and spa.

All six modern shotguns are listed at $359,000, with three different two-bedroom floorplans. That’s $20,000 more than prices announced in December.

As would be expected at this agra-topian community in southern Fulton County, 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, the shotguns will be Geothermal and EarthCraft certified, with sustainable features and an energy-efficient layout, project leaders say.

Open floorplans include a bedroom on the first floor, another on the upper level, and 400-square-foot side yards.

Here’s a look at what to expect: