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Tiny houses approved for construction in City of Atlanta

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New ordinance allows for second, small homes on lots zoned for duplexes

Tiny houses have moved one step closer to reality in the City of Atlanta.

On Monday, the Atlanta City Council voted to approve an amendment to the zoning ordinance that restricts the size of residential units in many locations around the city.

Councilman Kwanza Hall hailed the change as a chance to “address our affordable housing issues.”

With the population of Atlanta expected to double in the next 33 years, “the Feasibility Study concluded that incorporating this type of development can help preserve Atlanta’s neighborhoods,” according to a press release.

By eliminating square footage minimums for secondary units on lots that are already zoned for duplexes, the measure paves the way for tiny houses to be built on properties in popular intown neighborhoods where homes already stand.

Another major change the legislation brings is that “accessory dwelling units without off-street parking on parcels without a curbcut or parcels without off-street parking” are now allowed, meaning that new housing will encourage those without cars to move in.

With the plan in place, homes of less than 750 square feet will now be able to rise, theoretically bringing down the average cost of homeownership and even rents in some of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.