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Atlanta’s Peachtree Hills tree canopy could be decimated by development

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Two projects are slated to claim 632 trees in the neighborhood

Atlanta’s tree canopy, as seen from Sandy Springs.
Atlanta—known as a City in a Forest—is slated to lose a lot of trees in a single neighborhood.
City Data

Atlanta is known for its rich green tree canopy, and the neighborhood of Peachtree Hills in South Buckhead is no exception. But plans for two new developments in the area could dramatically change that.

According to the Saporta Report, two residential developments on opposite sides of Peachtree Hills Avenue, near Peachtree Hills Park, will claim more than 600 trees—many of them mature oaks.

A four-acre residential development by Ashton Woods, to be located on the north side of Peachtree Hills Avenue between the park and Virginia Place, will clearcut 148 trees. Plans for the homes on the site have yet to be revealed.

Across the street, on a 20-acre site, construction of a long-delayed senior living facility by Isakson Living will result in the loss of nearly 500 of the site’s current 735 trees.

While the developer plans to plant back 530 new trees, the new trees will be far smaller than the mature ones that have stood on the site for decades, if not centuries.

Neighborhood residents and representatives from Trees Atlanta aren’t too thrilled about the planned removal of trees.

But as long as developers are able to pay small fines for removing trees, the trend is likely to continue.

The two sites slated for tree removal.
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