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Next to Buckhead Theatre, Hanover Buckhead Village tower is topped out

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Apartment building will feature 353 units atop retail fronting Loudermilk Park

The front of the curving glass building.
Construction progress.
Hanover Buckhead Village

A new apartment tower, snuggled up against the historic Buckhead Theatre, is coming down the homestretch.

Window installation is climbing toward the upper floors of Hanover's curvy apartment tower at Buckhead Triangle. The 20-story structure is slated to have 353 apartments and four streetfront retail spaces facing Loudermilk Park.

Like other luxury buildings in the city, Hanover Buckhead Village will feature amenities such as a “resort-style pool with designated outdoor grilling and dining areas, WiFi club, private movie theater, and 24-hour TechnoGym.”

The pool will sit atop the parking structure, facing Loudermilk Park and the Buckhead skyline beyond.

A brief recap: In 2013, plans were revealed for a Hilton Garden Inn on the site, though that concept had fizzled by early 2015, when the current project was unveiled. Demolition got underway back in late 2015, and after more than a year of construction, the building is topped out and hurtling toward completion this fall.

Meanwhile, just a few blocks south of the Hanover tower, two nearly adjoining sites have been cleared to make way for Modera Buckhead and the Sutton.

A rendering of the project.
Hanover Buckhead Village
Views of work on the northern and eastern sides of the building.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
A curving concrete structure, with glass installed in most of the floors.
Progress on the building from the south.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta