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At Beltline’s Eastside Trail extension, more street closures are coming soon

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Extension work will render streets and trail off-limits in Old Fourth Ward, Cabbagetown, elsewhere this summer

Progress on the Beltline’s Eastside Trail extension earlier this month.
Progress on the Beltline’s Eastside Trail extension earlier this month.
Curbed Atlanta

Atlanta Beltline aficionados hoping for an extended, uninterrupted Eastside Trail experience complete with functioning speedtables and a safer Krog Street Tunnel will have to wait a while.

Beltline officials have released an updated game plan for closures in Old Fourth Ward, Inman Park, Cabbagetown, and Reynoldstown this summer that could impact the way Atlantans travel by foot, bike, and vehicle.

Here’s a quick rundown:


Irwin Street repairs

Beginning Monday, the intersection of Irwin Street and the Eastside Trail will again be closed to the public. The street is a key feeder for Krog Street Market and connects Old Fourth Ward with Inman Park.

Why? Beltline officials say emergency repairs are needed to fix the Irwin Street speedtable installed a few weeks ago. They haven’t specified how long the repairs will take.

Atlanta INtown Paper reports the issue stems from pavement cracking on the ramped portion of the raised pedestrian crossing.

Enhanced lighting is en route to this side of Atlanta’s Krog Street Tunnel.
Curbed Atlanta


Krog Street Tunnel closures

Through the end of July, portions of the Krog Street Tunnel will be closed during daytime hours to allow for the installation of handrails and enhanced lighting at this connection between DeKalb Avenue and Cabbagetown.

The tunnel’s northbound lane (heading toward Inman Park) will close between June 12 and 30. The southbound lane will be off-limits from July 1 to 21.

All closures will take place between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


Elsewhere, south of DeKalb

A timeline hasn’t been specified, but expect the north side of Wylie Street to be closed soon so that workers can finish installing landscaping and pedestrian crossings along the newly paved portion of trail.

Also TBD: Kirkwood Avenue’s intersection with the Beltline will be closed soon in Reynoldstown for the installation of another speedtable and underground stormwater infrastructure.


The (relatively) good news:

Just south of the Edgewood Avenue bridge, expect a gap in the trail experience of about 600 feet to allow for two mixed-use projects—tentatively referred to as 670 and 690 DeKalb Avenue—by North American Properties.

The bypass, for now, will take Beltline patrons up the vertical bridge connection to Edgewood Avenue, and then via sidewalks to Krog Street Tunnel.

Beltline officials report that construction on the NAP projects is forecasted to finish by late 2018, followed by the trail’s opening. “When work is completed and this portion of trail opens,” the update reads, “this stretch will be a vibrant space with retail, restaurants, and plazas.”

Here’s more on the logic behind the Eastside Trail bypass:

“Unlike many construction sites along the Atlanta BeltLine, the development at 670/690 DeKalb encompasses both sides of the Atlanta BeltLine trail. Because of the nature of the corridor in this area and limited vehicular accessibility, construction equipment and heavy machinery will be constantly trafficking the area, creating an unsafe environment for pedestrians.

“Use of the ramp to Edgewood Avenue to bypass the construction area does not materially increase the distance trail users will need to travel, nor does it introduce any new street crossings. Ultimately, the closure will create a safer pedestrian environment.”