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Photos: Mega Midtown Atlanta sinkhole grows even bigger

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No end in sight for construction consuming 5th and Cypress streets

A massive dirt pit engulfing an entire intersection.
The sinkhole site as of Wednesday afternoon
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Construction on the Interstate 85 bridge may be slated to wrap up in a few weeks, but there's a longer road ahead for the (far more minuscule) infrastructure meltdown unfolding in Midtown.

City crews have ripped up the entire intersection of 5th and Cypress streets as they work to repair a mysterious sinkhole that opened two weeks ago.

It’s still unclear what caused the sinkhole.

The small hole had grown tremendously as of last week, thanks to city crews digging to find the source of the problem. They made repairs to a water pipe, but it was determined that wasn't the culprit.

Since then, this crater of inconvenience has been expanding, swallowing the travel lanes and sidewalks surrounding the intersection. Earlier this week, a geyser could be seen erupting from the large hole.

While the water feature has since been turned off and the bottom of the deepest part of the hole filled with gravel, the AJC reports that repairs won’t be wrapped up for another month.

Michael Kahn, Curbed
Michael Kahn, Curbed
The water-filled sinkhole on Monday.
William Bedgood