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Century-old Old Fourth Ward water tower near Krog Street to get makeover

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The concrete sentry on Auburn Avenue will be cleaned up inside and out, and a mural will be added to pay homage to Atlanta

A townhouse at the Water Tower Stacks in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.
The water tower, next to a townhouse development.
RE/MAX Metro Atlanta Cityside

Two blocks from Krog Street Market, a cylindrical concrete water tower has stood sentinel over the surrounding neighborhood for 111 years.

In that time, the neighborhood has transformed many times from industrial zone, to rundown rail-side community, to one of Atlanta's hottest residential neighborhoods. Just a few years ago, high-end townhomes were built adjacent to the water tower, paying homage to their neighbor.

Now, the neighborhood stalwart will receive a major makeover compliments of Heineken through the company’s Cities Project, in partnership with the National Trust.

The water tower was selected as one of 10 sites across the country to receive funding through the Indiegogo platform.

According to the funding pitch, Atlanta’s oldest surviving water tower—built as part of a water suppression system for the cotton compress factory next door—will be “revived inside and out.”

Rubble and garbage will be removed from the inside of the tower, allowing for revitalization of the structure down the road. On the inside, local artists will be commissioned to paint a mural “depicting the story of Atlanta.” Exterior graffiti will be power-washed away.

Here’s the spiel:

“Our vision: clean it up, paint a new interior mural that can be seen through its windows and doors, and add some finishing touches that will make it a shining piece of art the whole community can enjoy.”

So far, the campaign has raised just 10 percent of its goal, but with a chance to snag art, T-shirts, and even Bruno Mars tickets, the campaign hopes to raise $15,000 by this summer.

Heineken will kick in the rest should things not pan out. Cheers to that.