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Eccentric Morningside ‘cabin’ over creek is too cool at $750K

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Blocks from Piedmont Park, “one-of-a-kind” description is appropriate

A rustic cabin-like home in Morningside Atlanta for sale at $750,000.
No, this ain’t Ellijay.

So here’s a combination of home elements you won’t often find in tony Morningside: rustic post-and-beam construction from the 1980s, an exterior buck’s head, disco ball, what may or may not be a living goat, and a sloped, forested property that must feel a million miles away from bustling Midtown, just to the west.

Such are the offerings at this eccentric, three-bedroom Morningside “cabin,” which listed this week at $749,900.

It’s one instance where that “one-of-a-kind” listing declaration is right on the money.

The lofted, elongated home hangs over a creek, a couple of blocks from Amsterdam Walk and Piedmont Park. Part of the structure dates to 1930, while the post-and-beam addition came a half-century later.

The square footage isn’t listed. So, collectively, the two-bathroom home might not be as large as the hazy listing photos make it seem—or proportions like these might be impossible to tabulate.

Highlights include the screened party porch (see: speakers and disco sparkles), a detached and vaulted art studio/workshop, and a kitchen with top-flight appliances and six-burner stove. The heavy-duty, built-in exterior grill is also primo.

Fittingly, there’s enough rustic wood in bedrooms to make turning in for the night seem like an adventurous bivouac.