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Midtown’s stalled Proton Center on Peachtree Street to finally move forward

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While developer claims work is 80 percent done, completion isn’t expect for 18 months

One of Atlanta’s most annoying semi-vacant lots—a half-built low-rise building and site at Peachtree Street and North Avenue—could finally be filled soon.

Midtown Alliance reports that construction will resume on the Georgia Proton Therapy Center. Plans initially called for the facility to open back in 2014, but the project has repeatedly stalled, leaving a half-finished building and large construction pit fronting Peachtree Street and North Avenue.

While the Juniper Street side of the building was completed in 2015, little work has happened since.

According to the project’s website, work is 80 percent complete, with interior improvements, installation of the treatment equipment, and a parking structure left to be built.

Plans initially called for retail along Peachtree Street, though it is unclear if that will be built.

News that the project will move forward is reassuring, but for many, the construction of a three-story private building on Peachtree represents a major letdown in the overall quest for developing density along Atlanta's most prominent street.

Construction is now slated to finish in “late 2018.”

The site, as it appears now.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta