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22 photos: Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail extension right now

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Coming soon: legal access to all of this!

The new Beltline Eastside Trail as it wends through Cabbagetown.
Cabbagetown: now officially a Beltline neighborhood.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

About 11 months since construction launched on the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail extension, the long-awaited civic amenity and alternate travel route is clearly coming down the home stretch.

Final plantings and crosswalks are going in. Bases are being readied for the intermittent light poles. Graffitists have already made their mark.

For this installment of Visual Journeys, we returned to the extension project for a tour as it readies to open in a few weeks this summer.

It won’t be a totally contiguous southeastern stretch—thanks to a small gap near the Edgewood Avenue bridge (to leave room for mixed-use construction projects)—but it’ll hopefully relieve crowding on the existing Eastside Trail while providing Atlantans new perspectives on the city.

Have a look:

A Caterpillar carrying cement bags and water leaves the project office for the Eastside Trail extension at Kirkwood Avenue.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta
Bins of rock wait to be laid near Kirkwood Avenue.
The Eastside Trail extension has a completed cement pathway that will give some property owners a ringside seat once the trail opens between Kirkwood Avenue and Wylie Street.
Base pads for light poles dot the Eastside Trail extension. Lights will be a nice touch.
A new crosswalk is worked on where the Eastside Trail extension connects into Wylie Street.
Workers mix cement for a new crosswalk where the Eastside Trail extension cuts across Wylie Street.
Workers shovel cement for a new crosswalk where the Eastside Trail extension cuts across Wylie Street.
Crepe myrtles and other landscaping is installed along the newly expanded walkway down Wylie.
Old plant material is dug up along the newly expanded walkway.
Workers plant new shrubs and grass.
New graffiti in the ever-changing Krog Street Tunnel is now part of the Beltline experience.
New lights have been installed in Krog Street Tunnel as part of the extension project.
Graffiti has already overtaken newly laid pavers.
A bigger landing pad is being built for pedestrians at the corner of Krog Street and DeKalb Avenue.
Once mixed-use developments by North American Properties are finished here, the trail will hug the left side of the pit in the center as it heads toward Dekalb Avenue.
Dividing Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park here, the almost-completed section of the Beltline's Eastside Trail extension is seen from the Edgewood Avenue bridge. At left, a townhouse project with ground-floor retail has launched.
Fast-blinking crosswalk signs have been installed at Irwin Street.
The newly completed crosswalk at Irwin St. separating the Atlanta Beltline's Eastside Trail from the still under-construction extension leading back toward Edgewood Avenue, the Krog Street Tunnel, and beyond. Happy trails, ATL.