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Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods, homes offered up in weekend tour

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Georgia Trust “expedition” will open up historic sites along the southwestern portion of the Beltline, stressing harms of displacement

Folk Victorian house in West End that is currently being rehabilitated using historic tax credits.
The Racicot House, built in 1902.
Georgia Trust

Until fairly recently, some neighborhoods in southwest Atlanta such as Capital View and Adair Park were much more under-the-radar in the grand scheme of things, while places like West End and Vine City were more familiar.

But the historic neighborhoods around Interstate 20, west of The Connector, are chockfull of beautiful old homes, parks, and other sites that feature prominently in the city’s history. And with the Beltline on its way through, the neighborhoods are on the upswing, which isn’t always as copacetic as it sounds.

Next month, the Georgia Trust will offer a day-long program to highlight some of the most beautiful, historic, and important sites in Atlanta’s southwestern section, while also bringing attention to preservation, renovation, and gentrification.

The event will start with an orientation on the campus of Clark Atlanta University. From there, sites like Herndon Home, the Lifecycle Building Center, Westview Cemetery, and the Wren’s Nest will be open for tours.

President and CEO of the Georgia Trust Mark C. McDonald says the tour will showcase the depth and potential of these historic neighborhoods with a goal of encouraging “responsible investment that stresses historic preservation and discourages displacement of longtime residents.”

Registration is now open for the June 10 event.

The Lifecycle Building Center is included on the itinerary.
Curbed Atlanta