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Georgia Dome implosion scheduled for middle of football season

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Demolition of the stadium will be held in November, after Atlanta Falcons have settled into new digs

A photo of Mercedes-Benz Stadium next to the Georgia Dome.
The ill-fated stadium, next to its replacement.
Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

In an explosive announcement, AMBGroup—Arthur Blank’s management group—revealed plans for the demolition of the Georgia Dome.

What can only be described as Atlanta’s most anticipated implosion will move forward near the end of the year, long after the Atlanta Falcons kick off their first season in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The announcement comes with the reaching of “critical milestones” in the construction of the facility next door; the roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium was closed for the first time last week.

With confidence that Mercedes-Benz Stadium will finally meet a deadline for opening, removal of materials from the Georgia Dome will restart in preparation for its demise.

Once the stadium is demolished, the site will be transformed into a 13-acre parking and tailgate facility, featuring community spaces. The Home Depot Backyard, as the space will be known, will serve as a space for arts and cultural events, entertainment, and community activation on non-game days.

A rendering of the Home Depot Backyard.
Home Depot/Atlanta Falcons

While the demolition will draw many interested in seeing the demise of the 25-year-old stadium, many critics see the demolition as wasteful. However, the demolition of the stadium is par for the course in Atlanta when it comes to sporting venue longevity.

Demolition is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 a.m.

The Georgia Dome

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