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PARKAtlanta-induced headache is over after eight long years

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A new sheriff is in town, and parking in the city is about to go into technological hyperspeed

Base image via UNL Today

After years and years of allegations of unfair parking enforcement, the much hated PARKAtlanta organization is a thing of the past.

According to 11 Alive, there’s a new sheriff—or, rather, parking enforcer—in town, by the name of ATLPlus. And the group plans to approach parking control less with an iron fist and more with digital technology and a touch of customer service.

ATLPlus has already launched an app for iPhones and Androids that will alert users when there are just 15 minutes left on the meter, and will also allow for parkers to pay by phone, rather than having to run back out to the street.

For those who don’t top up on the meter in time, the company also indicates that it will use a grace period of 10 minutes before writing a ticket. And for those who still manage to get a ticket, there will now be a more streamlined appeals process.

To add to the customer friendliness, ATLPlus also insists that broken meters will be a thing of the past, with a dedicated rapid response team to address glitches within 24 hours.

Maybe the mean streets of Atlanta are now a little less mean.