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At Atlanta’s Perimeter, office tower to get major community-oriented revamp

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Outdoor spaces, co-working offices part of renovation plan for outdated building aiming to keep up with changing market

A 1980s glass office tower next to a lake.
7000 Central Park aims for relevance in the 21st Century.

An office tower dating back to the 1980s in Perimeter Center is looking to shed its stuffy, old-school, suburban appearance and open itself up as a more collaborative, community-friendly workplace.

Plans revealed by owner CBRE indicate that 7000 Central Park is going all-in on its modernization with features like a full-service, high-tech fitness center, a collaborative co-working space and conference center, and a new outdoor “living room” that will provide gathering space for impromptu meetings and major events.

In fact, starting this summer, the building has launched its “Movies by the Lake” series, turning the outdoor terrace into a movie theater complete with food trucks and lawn games.

Inside, new open offices are becoming available as renovations happen throughout the building. Offices are going from drab 1980s to bright, open, and modern, officials say.

The upgrades are necessary as the building strives to compete with new towers rising across the Perimeter Center area.

Renovations on the entire building should wrap up in November.

If this approach rings a bell closer to Atlanta’s core, Bank of America Plaza—the city’s tallest building—is taking a similar approach with some floors. Minus the movies and food trucks.

Inside 7000 Central Park.