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South Downtown Atlanta exploration to highlight history—before potentially big changes

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Roving photographer meetup is garnering plenty of attention for the oft-overlooked neighborhood

The Constitution Building as it appeared when it opened, and today.
The tour will highlight buildings in South Downtown, like the Constitution Building.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Huge changes could be in store for South Downtown in the coming years as investors and developers salivate over the well-located, underutilized land between Five Points and Garnett MARTA Station.

Comprised of a mix of historic structures and sprawling parking lots, the area is eclectic, and for years has been a bastion for artists.

For those interested in checking out the neighborhood’s many gems before they’re changed by development, a tour will take place this weekend to provide a history lesson, a touch of urbanism, and a chance to take some photos.

The tour—officially a “meetup”—will kick off Saturday evening at Mammal Gallery in the heart of the neighborhood and progress from there, led by city advocate the ATL Urbanist.

Here’s the official description:

“Let’s explore and document the historic remnants of South Downtown, before new developers swoop in and make big changes (including the privatization of some very iconic and beloved public streets).”

With 99 registrants as of Monday evening, the tour has apparently piqued the interest of quite a few Atlantans.

Sign-ups for the event are open now. The tours begins at 7 p.m. And it’s free.