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Atlanta’s latest snazzy moderns are bound for ... Mechanicsville

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Duplex community marketed as “most affordable handcrafted starter homes available” in shadow of downtown

The facade facing Mechanicsville’s Crumley Street.
The six-unit facade facing Crumley Street.
All images courtesy Sunny Etc.

The clean lines and daring angles of modern residential architecture are old hat in metamorphosing Atlanta neighborhoods such as Old Fourth Ward.

But in Mechanicsville? Not so much.

A young design and build team called Sunny Etc. is out to change that, beginning with a contemporary-style community of duplexes they’re calling truly affordable—in an “overlooked” historic neighborhood shouting distance from downtown Atlanta.

The first offering is called MetroVille. The eight multi-story, semi-detached homes are rising on a corner lot at 555 Pryor St., across The Connector from Summerhill.

Mechanicsville, say hello to rooftop terraces with city views.

The project “hopes to be a small development that will spur more interest in the general neighborhood and fill many of the vacant lots just minutes from downtown,” a rep tells Curbed Atlanta. “We aim to bring the very desirable modern qualities happening around Atlanta for a reasonable price.”

About those prices ...

Units with two bedrooms and two and 12 bathrooms will start at $229,000.

Larger ones with an addition bedroom and bathroom each will ask $299,000, at least.

Developers are calling them some of “the most affordable handcrafted starter homes available” in the area. Each will have one-car garages, patios, and ancillary decks, too.

They hope to start construction in late August, with completion coming next spring.

A recent image of the infill site, which has been cleared of two old houses.
An Old Fourth Ward project by the same company.
Sunny Etc.