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Midcentury East Lake bungalow gets ‘funky’ for $299K

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Boasting questionable “midcentury modern flair,” this 1955 home works hard to charm

Lights shine from within the house.
Curb appeal in spades
Kelller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta

The broker babble is strong with this one.

Phrases like “creative funky,” “zen to the ten,” and “midcentury modern flair” cram together to describe the East Lake house, but it comes across as that star student trying just a bit too much to get the teacher’s attention.

Built in 1955, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch did receive some recent updates, including new paint inside and out.

The kitchen, too, sports a modern appearance with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and what appears to be a wall painted with chalkboard paint.

Even so, the kitchen seems tiny, in spite of the expansive windows lining one wall.

Modern touches also grace one of the bathrooms, with its vessel sink and vanity.

But, overall, it seems the “creative funky,” “midcentury modern flair” may be overstated. Yes, the front of the property certainly looks the part, but it doesn’t carry through the entire home very far.

Which makes the $299,000 asking price a bit of a stretch. While similar homes in the area have sold for that amount or even slightly higher, most went for a lesser amount.

Then again, sub-$300,000, standalone domiciles aren’t exactly a dime-a-dozen in the city these days.

The home’s location near East Lake Golf Club could help secure the sale at the asking price, but, then again, it may not.