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In Ormewood Park, 1920s farmhouse charms for $490K

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Appreciation for rustic ceiling beams required

A white cottage house in Ormewood Park, Atlanta.
Awwww ...
Red Robin Realtors; photos: Garey Gomez

This adorable Ormewood Park cottage is beckoning the type of buyer who never tires of puppy emojis.

Or rustic ceiling beams, mixed with painstakingly preserved details from the home’s 1920s beginnings.

Tucked between Moreland Avenue and the Beltline’s future Southside Trail, the location is described as “the best street in Ormewood Park,” and given those rustic elements and the agrarian-Colonial look of the place, the property is coined a “farmhouse.”

Its wide, wide nearly double-lot bolsters the semi-rural feel.

With its bay window, beefy fireplace, and those gorgeous beams, the living room joins the kitchen—utilitarian, stylish, inviting, heavily tiled—as the stars here.

Another unusual perk is the chimney-attached outdoor fireplace. And lest we forget the little lovebird porch around front.

The total square footage is pegged at 2,800, which must include the two-bedroom carriage house, described as “income producing” and “tucked away” but also unfinished. Parking is a gravel driveway.

The main house is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom offering. The price is $489,900. And, collectively, it’s probably a swell place for raising puppies.