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Northside Hospital’s Midtown medical tower rising on West Peachtree Street

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Vertical construction will be done in the next few months, and the facility is slated to open next year

Formwork still holds three stories of new concrete.
Progress on the tower as of June 26.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The latest tower to pop out of the ground on West Peachtree Street is beginning its ascent skyward on the southwest corner of 13th Street.

A medical office tower planned since 2013—though once on the opposite side of the block—has reached four stories just south of 39-story Icon.

Demolition began one year ago on the site, with low midcentury storefronts falling for the new tower. Now, the structure has risen above the level of the old buildings in its journey up.

When completed, the 12-story building will house 170,000 square feet of medical office spaces, with Northside Hospital offering primary care offices, cardiology services, urgent care, and the Northside Hospital Imaging Center. The rest will be class-A office space geared toward medical professionals.

The building should top out by the fall. Expect it to open in the second half of next year.