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Atlanta bans mass tree removal from residential areas until next year

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The moratorium will apply to any application to remove 10 or more trees from residential lots five acres or larger

Currently a tree-filled lot.
Trees slated for removal for development near Krog Street last year.
Google Maps

Atlanta development could soon be looking a little greener, following a vote by the city council last night.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, the measure to institute a moratorium on large-scale tree removal for residential development passed unanimously.

Proposed by Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong, the measure gives the city a chance to explore how to better protect Atlanta’s famous tree canopy from large-scale clearings.

The ban is likely in response to the recent uproar surrounding the demise of 632 trees on a Peachtree Hills property slated for a senior living community, as well as the general pervasiveness of developers clear-cutting sites for residential projects.

Until next year, developers are banned from removing more than 10 trees from any residential parcel five acres or larger in the City of Atlanta

Archibong said in a news release that “as the result of this moratorium, we will be able to develop an intentional strategy for expanding our tree canopy for the benefit of generations to come.”

By the time the moratorium is over, expect more stringent rules for tree removal, in an attempt to prevent clear-cutting and illegal tree removal.