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Say hello to Atlanta’s latest batch of eye-popping street murals

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This year’s OuterSpace Project leaves intriguing street pieces in Candler Park, Summerhill, Midtown, and beyond

A fresh, multi-story mural by Spanish artist Sabek.
A fresh, multi-story mural by Spanish artist Sabek.
Photos: Jonathan Philips, Curbed Atlanta

Atlanta’s status as a street-mural mecca got a boost this month as the OuterSpace Project left its mark from Decatur to Summerhill and up to Midtown.

Many of this year’s featured artists are Atlanta locals with familiar styles (YoYo Ferro, Greg Mike), while others swooped in from Miami, Charleston, New York, Spain, Buenos Aires, and even Australia.

The OuterSpace series launched back in 2015 as an effort to merge “public art, live music, design, action sports, and culture,” with the invigorating mural projects at its core.

It’s carrying the intown torch for famed events like Living Walls, which created more than 110 murals across Atlanta in a five-year run beginning in 2009. Living Walls is taking its talents to Buford Highway this year.

The 2017 OuterSpace incarnation concluded Saturday with a “Big Bang” blowout at Terminal West. We set out this week to capture some highlights of what artists left behind:

The Detroit-based artist Ouizi gave a floral new look to the Beltline-facing backside of Paris on Ponce, 716 Ponce de Leon Place, steps from the Eastside Trail.
Photos: Jonathan Philips, Curbed Atlanta
Graffiti at The Blue Complex, 538 Decatur St., by Patch Whisky.
A multi-dimensional, yearning pooch at Spot for Dogs, 750 Ponce de Leon Place, by Big Teeff. It also faces the Beltline’s Eastside Trail.
A mural in Summerhill (649 Reed St.) by Dr. Dax.
An anatomical look at Spider-Man in the Old Fourth Ward by Nychos. Find it on the west-facing exterior wall of The Sound Table, 483 Edgewood Ave.
A mural at The Blue Complex, 538 Decatur St., by Tommy Bronx.
Prominent murals by Chris Veal—often with smirking, Atlanta-specific commentary—have been popping up across town. Find this one in Summerhill, 85 Georgia Ave.
Miami artist HOXXOH applied these dazzling, seemingly deep orbs at Salon Red, 1642 Dekalb Ave.
Another colorful, playful mural in Summerhill, 649 Reed St., by YoYo Ferro.
This towering piece by Spanish artist Sabek adorns the Oakland Park condos, across the street from Oakland Cemetery, overlooking Memorial Drive.

And lest we forget this now-completed mural in Midtown by Greg Mike ...

This photo courtesy Greg Mike

Here’s the full 2017 map to the above murals and others: