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Squatty Reynoldstown building transformed into $539K modern residence

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Adaptive-reuse means a rooftop deck and backyard fire pit on R-town’s eastern flank

A modern-style home for sale in Reynoldstown, Atlanta.
The residential side of adaptive-reuse.
Keller Williams

A squat commercial building that struggled to find purpose for years has sprung to life as Reynoldstown’s latest modern-style residence.

With an airy layout that could be characterized as modernist blank-slate shotgun—with a second floor and roomy rooftop deck—the structure hardly resembles the boarded-up box it used to be, prior to expansion.

Tucked off Moreland Avenue, along the route of a planned Beltline connector path, the deep, skinny lot appears to have been maximized (and established trees preserved), as evidenced by a fire-pit hangout that’s both stylish and functional. Inside, the kitchen combines open shelving, a sleek range hood, and traditional white cabinetry—with views of that backyard.

The listing calls the project “must see” and “brilliant adaptive-reuse” in “white-hot Reynoldstown” by Care For Your Castle, the same outfit who built this Beltline-facing modern in the neighborhood two years ago.

As a vacant, circa-1925 commercial building without plumbing, the property sold in 2015 for just $30,000—and then again last summer for $110,000.

The base structure last November.
Google Maps

Potential hangups could include the low bedroom count (two) and, to a lesser degree, the lack of covered parking at this price point in Reynoldstown.

The home listed last week at $539,000. The square footage isn’t specified.

But it could be a score for buyers who value unique properties with interesting backstories, where massive shindigs—and outdoor showers—are possible on the roof.

The building back in 2012
Google Maps

Here’s the finished product today: