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Revived Morningside Craftsman from 1920s justifiably called ‘remarkable’ at $1.25M

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An understated, classic 4,600 square feet not far from Piedmont Park

A Craftsman style bungalow in Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta.
A porch with sunny and shaded options.

The listing stresses that a commitment to quality construction and finishes was expressed when this 1929 Craftsman bungalow was brought into the 21st Century.

By the look of things, they aren’t fibbing.

Though it may not seem so from the curb, this is a lot of house (nearly 4,600 square feet), strategically located on Morningside’s regal-sounding Yorkshire Road with walkability to a variety of places—Sidney Marcus Park, D.B.A. Barbecue, Alon’s Bakery, Smith’s Olde Bar, Piedmont Park.

As decorated, it’s intensely traditional and understated, with the exception of the master bathroom, which tiptoes into spa territory with its heated floor and garden tub.

Inside and out, find myriad options for just sitting around, light-producing transoms above every exterior door, and the most well-appointed laundry room this side of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It’s actually one of two laundry areas. Because the house is that large.

Speaking of, the length of the home may be responsible for what appears to be a rare shortcoming: a relatively minuscule backyard.

Described overall as “remarkable,” the house counts five bedrooms, a two-level back deck (with ipe wood), and the most aesthetically pleasing garage (note the copper roof, wooden doors) to blip the listings radar in a while.

Google images suggest the home’s overhaul came about five years ago.

Of course these attributes come at a price in Morningside. And that price, as posted last week, is $1.25 million.