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Cobb County’s Cumberland to pack on more apartments near SunTrust Park

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Nearly 300 units will be built to the south of Cumberland Mall, just a pitch away from stadium

A modern-looking five-story apartment building.
A rendering of the proposed development.
Lord Aeck Sargent via MDJ

While the Braves baseball club might be struggling to make things click in Cumberland, apartment development in the area around SunTrust Park is knocking it out of the park.

The Marietta Daily Journal reports that developer Pope & Land received initial approvals to develop 275 apartments and 7,500 square feet of office and commercial space on a 3.2-acre tract just south of Cumberland Mall.

Designed by local firm Lord Aeck Sargent, the building would look like many other apartment-anchored multi-use buildings that have risen in neighborhoods across the city.

Initially, the developer had hoped to build 300 units, but concerns about traffic and impact on neighbors resulted in the recommendation to max out the site at 275 apartments.

Retail space could include a cafe or coffee shop, as well as a drug store.

Final approval for the project could be given at the June 20 meeting of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.

Meanwhile, at the park itself, about half of SunTrust Park’s 41,000 seats have been empty for many weeknight games, but attendance is up by 38 percent over last season at The Ted—a jump that’s to be expected with a new stadium, the AJC reports.

The Braves’ average attendance this year of roughly 30,000 is good for 12th in the majors, and team brass is hopeful that long home stints this month (18 of the Bravos’ next 23 games) will boost numbers as summer really begins.