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Newish Grant Park Craftsman counts porches galore, corner lot, $739K price

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Throwback style two blocks from eponymous park

A large Craftsman style home for sale in Grant Park.
The ol’ wraparound approach.
Atlanta Intown Real Estate

By the look of things, buyers hankering for that gently used, lived-in warmth are out of luck here.

Either these are the original listing photos, or this nouveau Craftsman finished in 2015 still doesn’t have a fridge or wall mirrors in the master.

On the bright side, it basically still sparkles. And it serves up plenty of space in a generally timeless style without being ungodly humongous.

Pertinent numbers: four bedrooms, three bathrooms, about 2,600 square feet, 10-foot ceilings, a two-car garage, and one raised, corner lot. Oh, and two porches—the rear one screened.

The ask is $739,000.

It’s two blocks south of the park’s southeastern edge, which makes it convenient to that wondrous greenspace but a hike from most retail and transit action. Thus, the uninspiring 44 WalkScore.

Inside, find one airy, gray, handsome room after the next, with perks that include a butler-panty wine cooler, appropriate light fixtures, and ubiquitous chocolate hardwoods.

It sold at $629,000 in late 2015, dangled as a rental earlier this year, then listed for sale last week—in what’s touted as like-new condition, of course.