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Atlanta Streetcar (finally) getting on the right track

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Safety issues decrease as ridership sees steady uptick after two and 1/2 years of service

The Atlanta Streetcar passes through downtown Atlanta in 2015.
The Atlanta Streetcar, finally seeing better days.
Curbed Atlanta

Even before it opened on Dec. 30, 2014, the Atlanta Streetcar was plagued with problems.

Once it was operational, construction delays and cost overruns were replaced by scathing safety issues and lack of ridership, following the implementation of a $1 fare last year.

The system was lambasted as an example of what not to do when implementing new public transportation.

But now, the streetcar is finally on track (proverbially) to put the woes of the last two years behind it.

According to the AJC, the majority of safety issues that have plagued the system since last year have been addressed, with the rest slated to be closed out by the end of the month.

Also, ridership is trending upward, with a 10-percent increase since the beginning of the year on the nearly 3-mile loop around downtown. Nearly 200,000 patrons have been served this year.

The good news is being used by streetcar proponents to underscore the need for expanding the service to serve more riders. As a list of potential transit projects in the City of Atlanta is hashed out, look for debates to flare up over new streetcar lines.