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Atlanta Regional Commission seeks input for five-year vision plan to focus on business

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Today’s the last day to weigh in on what matters for economic development in the city

The Midtown skyline from downtown.
Oh, Atlanta.
Photos: Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

The Atlanta Regional Commission—the organization that helps coordinate ongoings across the 10-county metro area—is looking for help in crafting a plan to address economic development in the city.

In order to stay competitive with peer cities, of course, Atlanta must continue to figure out how to best attract and retain companies and top talent. And through tonight, the ARC is hoping to hear from metro residents about their ideas via a quick survey.

The survey covers things that drive the economy in the region, including education and workforce development, affordable housing access, quality of life, and transportation.

Not to sound too patronizing, but the questions are straightforward, and the survey takes just a few minutes to complete.

Once information is gathered, the ARC will analyze the data to update the Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy that was first adopted in 2012.

The new report—renamed “CATLYST,” will be completed by October and implemented to drive economic development in the region.