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Atlanta heralded as prime destination for tourists, domestic and international

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Demand for hotels in Atlanta has surged 24 percent over last year, study indicates

The World of Coca-Cola at night.
The World of Coca-Cola joins a slate of attractions around Centennial Olympic Park.

Atlanta has beaucoup amenities for visitors, from one of the world’s largest aquariums, to headier destinations such as the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

And thanks to the world's busiest airport (a short train ride away) and plenty of hotels, downtown’s popular destinations are an easy escape for anyone on summer break.

In fact, it turns out that Atlanta’s magnetism for tourists has grown exponentially in the past few years.

According to new calculations by Australian-based Hotels Combined, demand for hotels in Atlanta surged 24.2 percent in the last three months when compared to the same time last year. And even since the beginning of 2017, demand has climbed nearly 17 percent.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that more than 50 million visitors traveled to Atlanta in 2016; and with numbers up in 2017, that makes Atlanta a rather hot place to visit.

A new Atlanta tourist magnet.
Curbed Atlanta

Most visitors come from across the United States, with nearly 40 percent from other cities in Georgia. Otherwise, a high percentage of folks from Florida, California, Illinois, and Michigan also spend time in the Big Peach.

However, the interest doesn’t stop at the international border: More than a million of Atlanta’s visitors last year came from outside the country.

For an idea of all things attracting people to Atlanta, check out our map of some of some hottest destinations to escape the summer heat ... although, honestly, most people probably just come for No. 26.