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After long delay, work moves forward on Midtown Atlanta gateway bridge

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The Peachtree Street Bridge over Interstate 85 is going high-end with towering arches, plantings

The large white arch on the bridge.
Work on the bridge, prominent from above and below.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Drivers entering Atlanta on Interstate 85 have a new landmark to mark their arrival into Midtown.

Work crews have raised the giant white arch on the south side of the Peachtree Street Bridge, connecting Buckhead and Midtown, as part of the creation of a long-planned gateway.

The idea to turn two Peachtree Street bridges—the road also crosses The Connector in downtown—into works of art was first devised in 2015, with a contest to select the winning designs.

Designs highlighted the importance of Peachtree Street, with pictures, plantings, and large signage added to engage both pedestrians and drivers.

Construction on the project began last year, and significant progress had been made in March when we last checked in. But all work was halted just a week later with the collapse of the I-85 bridge a few miles north of the site.

Now back in full-swing, expect work on the southern side of the bridge to wrap up soon. Construction on the arches on the northern side of the bridge could wrap up by September.

UPDATE: This story has been updated with the latest timeline for the project; according to Midtown Alliance “barring any further setbacks beyond our control, our timetable for completion of the arches is end of summer.”

Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta
Midtown Alliance