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Discounted Inman Park modern in the trees reemerges at $550K

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Girded by lush landscapes, pioneering property from 1999 has endured series of price adjustments all year

A modern home with rooftop patio from 1999 in Atlanta’s Inman Park.
Surprisingly, it’s nearly 20 years old.
Keller Williams

Think Atlanta’s infatuation with rooftop terraces and lean, contemporary homes is a new thing? Think again.

For proof, look no further than this pioneering Inman Park modern built into a gulley on Degress Avenue back when NSYNC ruled the charts and Y2K was scary.

Providing contrast to the neighborhood’s famed Victorians, this tri-level domicile embraces topography in cool ways (see: the footbridge). It’s surrounded by lush, beautiful landscapes of ferns, boxwoods, a Japanese maple, and decorative stone, all gently unveiling the snaky driveway and two-vehicle carport.

Designed by Gary Retel—the architect behind this just-sold Edgewood modern—the property counts quirks aplenty, which include floating stairs adorned with nickel-plated steel and avocado-green kitchen countertops.

Another quirk: watching television in the living room by staring above the fridge.

The listing touts primo walkability to the Eastside Trail and IP’s burgeoning roster of eats, but the primary draw here could be the rooftop patio, which seems perfect for taking in Atlanta’s summertime locust symphonies.

So why has this place lingered on the market all year?

Just relisted at $550,000, it isn’t exactly cavernous, with two smallish bedrooms and two bathrooms among 1,285 square feet.

It last sold in early 2014 at $489,000 and returned to the market in January at $599,000. Incremental price-chops have ensued since February.

Despite the discounts, that still registers at $428 per square foot.

Still, it could be a viable alternative to larger condos in the area that have crested the half-million mark. Especially for intown buyers who find yard-work therapeutic.